”... And so, the Four great Makers stood united against the tide of Darkness, in their Safe Haven, Upon the edge of the known world …”Elder Prophet Serngharia, 9th Age of Prosperity

Not long after the Great Divide, where the world was effectively split in half, The Two great nations of Alteria; Kalrythia and Valorath, have begun to rebuild their Kingdoms. The world is at peace. For now.

But in the Scar left by the cataclysmic war that raged on for centuries, a darkness congeals that threatens to engulf the world in Death once more. Now, unsung heroes must rise to the challenge, to save their war-torn planet from certain doom.

Our story begins in Farrowfield, a small, seemingly unremarkable village nestled in the foothills of the Gul’thari Mountains. It is in this village that a chance meeting of Five individuals will undoubtedly change the course of history.

(Note : Some place names and characters within the campaign have been directly imported from various other publications, none of which are not owned by Wizards of the Coast. This is so that sections of this Campaign can be easily ported to other Campaigns. Also, it transfers a weight from the DM, so he doesn’t have to spend an Age constructing an entire world from the ground up.)

Sanctum of the Makers

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