Main Story Quest One


This Page details the First Main Story Quest, ‘Taken’.

  • Quest DescriptionInvestigate the disappearance of Trade Caravans en-route to Waterdeep from Dulail. Recover Any Trade Items and Captives you may find.
  • Quest Details – The Players were given a Note along with their information. It is detailed below.

“The things I need doing:

  • The recovery of 3 sets of Trade Documents
  • Proof of the Demise of those responsible for the thefts
  • Rescue of 4 Dwarven Captives
  • Return of Trade goods, the more the better

Upon completion of the objectives, I will award the following:

  1. 50gp
  2. 125gp
  3. 260gp
  4. 400gp + Small Treasure Chest

- Blackhand”

  • Current Progress
  1. Investigate the Grave of Kaltha Darkgrip – Complete
  2. Travel to the Desolate cave in D’tharia Forest – Complete
  3. Recover Trade Documents (0/3) – In Progress
  4. Obtain Criminal’s Proof of Demise (0/1) – In Progress
  5. Rescue Dwarven Captives (0/4) – In Progress
  6. Return Trade Goods (0) – In Progress
  7. Return to ‘Blackhand’ for Quest Reward – In Progress

Main Story Quest One

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