Renark Fellwater

A misguided youth granted the knowledge of Arcana.


Renark Fellwater, Human warlock of the Fey Pact. Str: 11, Con: 15 Dex: 13, Int: 16, Wis: 13, Cha: 19

Hp: 27 (bloodied 13), AC: 15, Fort: 14, Ref: 16, Will: 17 Surges: 8 per day, Heals: 6 HP

Trained skills: Arcana, Bluff, Insight, Stealth, Thievery

Feats: Jack of all Trades, Human Presevrance.

Languages: Common Draconic.

Powers: At will powers- Eldritch strike (cha vs ac), Eldritch blast (cha vs ref), Warlock curse, Eyebite (cha vs will) Misty step.

Encounter powers- Witchfire (cha vs ref) * Daily powers-* Flames of Phlegethos (con vs ref).

Equipment: Adventurer’s kit, Leather armour, Glass cutter, Thieve’s tools, 10ft of chain, 4 pints of oil in 2 waterskins, Foot pads, Crowbar, Dagger and Flute.


Although young, Renark had many experiences thrown at him while living in his town without his family and only his gang of thieves and crooks to call his own. Though brought up stealing and using his sharp tongue to avoid guards, Renark was always know for love of music, seen through the town playing melodies on his flute most days.

This all chance though when Renark was awaken to reality along with his knowlegde and gift of the arcana. Given the chance of being able to go outside the town and potentially learn more of what he would be capable of. Renark packed what he deemed useful and fleed the town and abandoning all he knew to embark on a journey he could never once believe to be possible.

Renark Fellwater

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