Sanctum of the Makers

D'Tharia Forest - Friday 27th November 2009

Session Two

Forest Clearing – The D’tharia Forest – 21st Day of the Cold Season

Our heroes arrived in the Forest Clearing to an odd situation. the air around them is stale and much colder than the rest of the forest, and there is no sound around them. The Campfire nearby has recently been snuffed out, and there are traces of recent activity nearby. The heroes notice some crude traps set up nearby, obvious thick rope hastily covered by dead foliage. Deftly overstepping the rope, they investigate the entrance of a Cave nearby, and notice that thick cobwebs have recently been hacked down, allowing entrance.

Suddenly there is a loud crack behind them, and Five Skeletons emerge charging from the undergrowth around them and attack the party. Their Leader growls menacingly, and his Followers attack. After a long battle in which the skeletons were obliterated by their own traps, the party decide to take a short rest. During this time, the party loot a few Magical Items while resting, and get ready for the unknown.

Kelendil reveals to the party that he is in fact an Assassin, now on the run from his guild. This explains the Attack in the Tavern.

Our Adventure Continues 9th December 2009.



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