Sanctum of the Makers

D'Tharia Cave - Friday 11th November 2009

Session Three

Temple of the Moon – D’tharia Cave – 21st Day of the Cold Season

Our Intrepid band of Heroes Bravely stepped slowly forth into the darkness. Kelendil’s Darkvision helped a lot in the dark, but a Sunrod was quickly used so the rest of the party could investigate their new surroundings. The party quickly notice a boarded-up hole in the floor nearby. Noting that parts of the cave were worn smooth by the husks of Giant Spiders, Kelendil and Iven abseiled slowly down the hole after dropping a second Sunrod. Once down there, they noted a Large Green Orb pulsing with Magical Energy, which they quickly ‘rescued’, hoping to sell later. All was too quiet, and after they hoisted the treasure up through the hole they continues down a small, damp path into a small circular room.

A startled Skeleton is found in the room, and it seemingly only has one exit. The skeleton runs headlong into an off-colour wall, and is quickly finished off by the party. The room they are in seem unremarkable, a small pillar of light filtering in through the roof of the cave, softly illuminating a small but intricate carving on the floor of the cave. The discoloured wall shares the pattern, so the party Places the Magical Orb in a shallow recess in the ground nearby, and the wall in front of them rumbles and reveals a dark hidden passageway with a small light at the end.

The Party emerges into a well lit stonework passageway eventually, as the rock around them merges into the stone. Our Heroes enter on a balcony in a large circular room, with a path leading down to the left in a spiral. It is a stark change in scenery, the place is well lit. There’s a bigger rune on the floor beneath them, A Kalrythian Symbol. This Rune has two recesses, probably for Similar orbs to the first that they found. There are Four Skeletons in the room, they are quickly dispatched by the intrepid party, and they discover one of the Dwarven Prisoners for their Quest. Upon looting the Skeletons, Kelendil finds an old Key, and keeps it in case they need it.

The Party comes to a crossroads. On the Left, a path leading to a small door, on the right, another corridor ending in a corner, and directly in front of them, a large door with three distinct Keyholes. The party first decide to venture left, where they pass through the door into a small square room with a single large treasure chest inside. Cautiously, they open the treasure chest, as the door behind them slams shut and Purple liquid flows in through the corners on the room, forming 4 skeletons. After a short fight, in which a certain Skeleton was decimated by fire, the party continue onwards to find a set of trade documents for their quest, as well as two boxes of trade goods. The Part took a short rest here to recover from their fight.


on the left there was a room with a chest full of monsters and further on some trade goods. To the right side of the dungeon!


Yeah, i havent fully edited this post yet XD Ill get round to it :P This was pretty much directly cut from my notes


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